VideoRoaming + Cisco Endpoints with the New Firmware TC 6.3:

B2B Video Calling with
Global Reach and Quality
has Never Been Easier

Cisco TC 6.3 with native VideoRoaming support

Cisco Firmware TC 6.3 with Native VideoRoaming Support

Cisco has added native VideoRoaming support in the TC 6.3 firmware release. The feature enables enterprises and service providers to leverage the power of VideoRoaming with an easy configuration change directly in the endpoints or via the provisioning infrastructure.

Video conferencing users with VideoRoaming enjoy a predictable high quality and reach when calling customers, suppliers and partners, anywhere in the world.

VideoRoaming ensures that your video endpoint is ready for tomorrow's business call.

VideoRoaming Ensures Best
Off-Net Global Quality and Reach

VideoRoaming ensures the best global quality and reach when calling off-net; outside the corporate WAN where the endpoint is located.

VideoRoaming combines the quality of a global dedicated QoS network with the reach of Internet through highly connected and globally distributed access points to/from optimized local Internet. VideoRoaming uses advanced algorithms to determine the best media path to/from each access point to callers' and receivers' locations for every call.

Cisco TC 6.3 supports the distributed VideoRoaming TURN service ensuring short media paths and low latency regardless of the infrastructure location.


Network effects of open B2B video conferencing

Reach Any Endpoint Connected to Internet with VideoRoaming

The reach of VideoRoaming is truly unique as any video conferencing endpoint connected to Internet can call or be called by a VideoRoaming enabled endpoint with a predictable high quality.

VideoRoaming is not a closed network or an exchange where members meet members. VideoRoaming is a global open B2B network where the benefits of VideoRoaming are experienced by both parties, also if the other party is not using the VideoRoaming service.

Metcalfe's law in video conferencing: Enterprises' value and ROI increase exponential with the number of endpoints reachable with business quality.

Enjoy Native Global Reach and Quality with 250K Existing Users

While native embedment of VideoRoaming is new in TC 6.3, the feature has been available in the Cisco Jabber Video for TelePresence (AKA Movi and software client for several years. With a small configuration change (AKA MNS Mode) in the Cisco TMS, administrators can easily activate VideoRoaming for a group of Jabber users (if not all).

250.000 (and growing) Jabber users already enjoy the benefits of VideoRoaming whenever calling an arbitrary endpoint, across the pacific or across the street, and whenever connecting from the outside (from home, from a customer's premises, in an hotel, etc.) to the head office.


Cisco Jabber Video with VideoRoaming

The Value of VideoRoaming

Flexible Subscriptions Available from Your Cisco Service Provider

VideoRoaming is available through most Cisco Service Providers and Resellers. Contact your Service Provider/Reseller to get details on one or more of the following subscription models:

  • VideoRoaming Enterprise Minutes
  • VideoRoaming Endpoint Minutes
  • VideoRoaming Endpoint Unlimited

You can also contact us and we will point you in the right direction.

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VideoRoaming Channel Model

SP/Resellers: Enhance Customers' Reach and Quality

The VideoRoaming service is complementary to service providers' (SPs) and resellers' existing video conferencing offering and is designed to fit with endpoints and infrastructure from Cisco and others.

VideoRoaming is only offered through channel partners and never directly to enterprises. SPs and resellers may choose to offer the service under the VideoRoaming brand or to white-label the service as its own.

SPs and Resellers can offer VideoRoaming for Cisco Jabber Video and Cisco TelePresence Systems from the C, SX, EX, MX and Profile Series endpoints with TC 6.3 with no upfront investment.  Contact us to learn more.